Human Resources

  • Document Imaging Allows for the scanning of documents into Ki Corp applications. Configurable to scan individual documents automatically attaching to a case or event, or to scan in batch mode using bar coding.
  • Internal Alert System PCs , cell phones, email and Digital Signage around the County can be linked to the Internal Alert System. Certain departments (e.g. Dispatch, Maintenance, Emergency Management) can send an alert that will display on all device to alert the public and staff. Depending on the level of alert (active shooter or tornado) the PCs can be configured to lock and advise staff to exit the building.
  • Online Human Resource System Online system that allows applicants to submit resumes and apply for open job positions. Human Resources staff are able to filter applications, submit to department heads for review, and streamline the hiring process.
  • Personnel Imaging and Badges Creates ID Badges for personnel, contractors, volunteers and vendors. Integrated with Personnel Management System. Meets printing standards required for law enforcement agencies.
  • Personnel Inventory Tracking Tracks inventory assigned to personnel. New categories of items can easily be created by agencies for customized tracking needs.
  • Personnel Management System Role-based system that allows agencies to consolidate personnel and staffing information in one easy to use system. Tracks personnel forms, personnel inventory, job assignment history, pictures, payroll information, merit information, incentive pay, certifications, emergency contacts, etc. Simplifies hiring, promotions and separations.