Computer-Aided Dispatch

The Ki Corp Computer-Aided Dispatch System manages the flow of taking and tracking calls, dispatching and tracking resources, call disposition, call and resource analysis, and reporting for single or multiple agencies.

The Ki Corp CAD system can be interfaced for many agency types including:

  • - Law Enforcement and Patrol
  • - Fire
  • - EMS
  • - Animal Control
  • - Tow Trucks

Key Features of the Ki Corp CAD System include:

  • Call Board for current active calls, including color coded calls by priority and status
  • Definable Miscellaneous call board
  • Dispatch Board for on-duty officers, dispatched units, and traffic stops
  • Features for Close Patrol/Vacation Watch
  • Silent dispatch
  • Nature of Calls, Ten Codes and Call Prioritization are easily maintained through the Menu System
  • Configurable alerts for officer safety
  • Patrol interface
  • Automated Vehicle Location and call routing on configurable mapping system
  • Integrated mapping for all open, geo-coded calls and patrol units with zooming down to the street level view
  • Users are able to hover over either patrol unit or call location and receive information about that unit and/or location
  • Call Address Validation
  • Address book for business contacts
  • Highly configurable GUI for operator comfort and productivity
  • Text and/or email call information sent to other agencies
  • Animal Control interface provides an indexing and history of animal calls with location and contact information